Now reading - Everything is Illuminated

So , I haven't been blogging for a long time. I don't like to think about it as a break, or a time for myself. If I say I was pretty busy, it would sound like a cliche , but the thing is I just need to find my inspiration. The inspiration to keep doing things I like, even if I don't know yet where they would lead me. The truth is , I don't blog for the others, because this is not a popular blog (really?), I just do it for myself. I like to remember the things I used to like before, the things I was thinking about one or two years ago. Like a diary, but not that corny.

I think I could start by sharing my thoughts about what I am reading, since it is the primary source of my inspiration... The list would go like this : first books, then music, then art, then ... who knows? (yes, I am a list-freak)

I also have no idea of why am I writing more in English, I use to do it in Spanish most of the time, I think this time in Canada has messed up my mind, and also this awesome book I am reading right now : Everything is Illuminated, from Jonathan Safran Foer.

My good friend Renata suggested it one time we were talking about our favorite books. I thought it was so interesting that Jonathan Safran Foer was her favorite author, that I knew I must read his books. This is his first novel, so in my logic this should be the first one I read too.

I will let you know (anyone who reads this, probably myself in a few months) my thoughts about the book once I am done with it .